Offsite File Storage is a Green Idea

Everyone is looking for a better way to do business, save money and be ‘green’ to help save the planet.  Not many have started looking at their existing storage room of archives as a way to meet all of the above business goals.

I’m talking about companies that must maintain the physical copy of a record for a given amount of time before it can be destroyed.  A common issue with an internal document storage solution is that it takes a dedicated employee to maintain the status of each and every record.

With a professional offsite document storage solution it allows your business to reallocate that employees time to more revenue generating tasks.  Because now all of your documents are in a secure location, each individual record has been tagged and entered in to a database with directions as to how long to store it as well as a destruction date.

By shredding documents as they have met the legal storage requirement you are doing your part in minimizing the amount of paper being stored … AND a professional document storage company will not only shred each document in to paper pulp, they will also make sure it is recycled!

How do you save money with this option?

Remember the employee that use to have to maintain your records?  Well now they are working on tasks that bring in revenue as well as you have opened up a rather large section of office space that can now be put to work as well, or even let go of if the space is not usable as office space.

In metro areas space can be very expensive, and going outside of the city can be cheaper per square foot.  Unfortunately the savings gets eaten up with the installation of security, fire proofing and the employee now having to drive across town to manage documents.

By using a professional document storage facility all of these requirements are in place and the cost is shared by everyone storing documents.  Again, you will not have to task the employee with driving out of town to pick up a needed archived record.  Make sure you find a record warehouse facility that provides an online system for requesting a document and can either e-mail you a digital version or hand deliver the document to your office.

How is document storage a better way to do business?

Simple, it’s more efficient and right off the bat you are working smarter instead of harder.  Document warehousing is far less expensive than converting every document in to a digital format, and sometime that is not a legal option anyway.

Implementing a professional document storage company is by far the cheapest way to rest assured every document is safe, secure and only being kept as long as required.  If your company has a ‘go green’ campaign in place you can see how offsite storage with a reputable company will be an integral part of that strategy moving forward.