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Comprehensive Document Management Services

Today, true Document Management must encompass both digital and non-digital content. Neither a Document Storage and Retention Strategy nor an Enterprise Content Management System can fill the requirement independently. Therefore companies must effectively manage both physical and digital information to ensure smooth operations. Shoreline Records Management employs a number of experts to manage both physical and electronic file storage, and our document management team can help you deploy effective, cost savings strategies for all of your business information.

Proactive Approach

With the increasing complexity of Records Management, there’s a lot to consider when selecting a partner for Document Management Services. For example, unlike many Document Management Outsourcing and Off-Site Storage Vendors, Shoreline will notify you when it’s time to destroy your confidential documents. We don’t just put your files on the shelf and forget them but instead serve as the right partner in managing your records retention lifecycle. This proactive approach can provide significant savings by minimizing the amount of information in long-term storage and reducing your liability by expeditiously discarding your outdated, unneeded information.

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More Than One Service

Whether your company works with paper, microfilm, microfiche, blueprints, or virtually any other media, we can provide a safe, secure and convenient area devoted to your company’s records.

Our services include:

The Right Partner for Document Management Services

Located in Long Island, NY, Shoreline provides your business with an expert partner in the Document Management Industry. With Shoreline, your boxes are safe and secure. Not only can we provide Off-Site Records Storage and Online File Hosting, but our Document Imaging Services can help improve your access to information by helping to convert paper records to digital images.

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