Improve the way your business functions

Our non profit document management services eliminate messy paper files, bulky filing cabinets, and heavy boxes that take up crucial office space. Throughout our 20+ years of experience, we have assisted nonprofit organizations of all sizes with their document management to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

The Benefits of Good Non-Profit Document Management

Free up valuable office space

Certain records must be kept securely for long periods, which means less usable office space. By scanning and securely storing these documents, your organization can use your space more productively.

Access and share information efficiently 

Sharing documents has never been more straightforward. By digitizing your paper documents, you and your staff can view the same document at the click of a button. No longer will you need to dig through file cabinets to locate what you need; each document is just a search away.

Improve workflow

Shoreline is proud to assist nonprofits because of their excellent community work. We have seen firsthand how a document management system can benefit the workflow of a nonprofit. Better workflow leads to better operations which ultimately leads to excellent service.

We work with documents specific to Nonprofits such as:

  • Client files
  • Donor files
  • Grant proposals
  • Case files
  • Funding information
  • Board meeting minutes
  • Volunteer information

As well as:

  • Employee and other Human Resources files
  • Financial documents
  • Expense reports
  • Purchase orders

Shoreline has the experience and expertise to help your nonprofit organize its records, improving the way your business operates. By scanning and digitizing your essential documents, you gain the peace of mind that they are secure and protected and cannot be misplaced.