Screenshot of ScView - Document Management System

Improve your Document Access by Utilizing a Trusted Document Management System

Shoreline understands the needs of companies that do not currently have a Document Management System in place. In order to satisfy this need, Shoreline offers an affordable and efficient Document Management System called ScView. With ScView, any company looking to store their documents online and move forward with a paperless office finds a trusted solution.

What are the benefits of using a Document Management Software?

  • Immediate Access: Retrieve your documents in seconds, regardless of whether you are in the office or on the go.
  • Share Documents: Easily share documents with any member of your organization as well as an outside entity.
  • Meet retention guidelines easier: By storing your files on the cloud, you’ll be able to easily check when files are no longer needed and safely removed them from your system when the retention time expires.
  • Document Security: By running reports and using audit trails, you can better manage document access all in one place.
  • Mitigate Risks: By hosting your files online, you’ll be able to mitigate any potential environmental damage as well as any improper disclosure of documents.

Learn more about ScView:

To maximize your outsourced scanning project’s value, consider adding a solution that will give you the ability to retrieve your files instantaneously.

Multiple User Access

Have better control of document access by setting up multiple users and assigning corresponding privileges.

Email documents within the system

No more need to attach documents through your email anymore. With ScView, you can easily email them through the system.

Redaction and Annotation

If the document needs to be sent to an external entity, ScView provides you with the ability to create redactions and annotations within the scanned files. This way, no confidential information is shared.

Electronic Forms

Create forms online through user-friendly wizards that will walk you through the process or simply upload an existing PDF form and let the system convert it to an online form. For more productivity, link them to a workflow in order to get a full document automation process.

Workflow Automation

Do you have Purchase Orders that may need approval? Or do you hire employees on a constant basis? Regardless of how complicated your process may be, ScView is able to create a custom workflow according to your needs.

Audit Trail

Every functionality is tracked so that management can analyze the usage and disclosure of sensitive information.

Experience the peace of mind of organizing your documents in a convenient and secure cloud-based solution.