Document Management for Public and Private Institutions

Shoreline specializes in comprehensive document management solutions for school districts, private institutions, higher education institutions, and universities of all sizes. By efficiently managing the growing volume of information, we ensure the proper retention of permanent educational records, including:

With our document management services, these permanent records are stored as electronic images in a secure, cloud-based document repository. This ensures protection against natural disasters, theft, misfiling, and from being lost or destroyed. Explore our tailored solutions for document management in the education sector, and entrust Shoreline to safeguard your institution’s valuable records effectively.

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Why Outsource your Paper Documents?

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Consider the Costs:

  • Valuable space consumed by physical document storage
  • Money and time spent on searching for lost and misfiled documents
  • Expensive and time-consuming physical document retrievals from record rooms and offsite storage
  • Difficulty controlling access to sensitive paper information
  • Loss of information due to fire, flood, and other disasters
  • The cumulative impact on your budget, productivity, and quality of service

Now consider the Electronic Difference:

  • Reclaim productive space and eliminate cabinets and shelves with digital, secure document storage
  • Instant records access with intelligent search, retrieval, and distribution
  • Assists with disaster recovery and data integrity
  • Comprehensive security protects records from unauthorized use
  • Simplified integration with information systems, such as Financial Edge and other applications
  • The cumulative benefits of time saved, reduced costs, and enhanced security
  • Significantly reduces the costs associated with audits
A folder being moved into an electronic Document Management System

Document Services for your Educational Institution

At Shoreline, we seamlessly integrate our services with industry-leading software to produce high-value solutions to educational institutions. Our goal is to maximize the value of your information assets, improve service levels, lower costs, and achieve compliance with regulations. We provide the following services:

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Document Scanning & Storage

  • We’ll pack boxes and arrange for daily, weekly or monthly pick-ups of documents
  • Up to six months of storage at no cost (including free retrievals) before scanning
  • Provide all requested documents to your facility in under one day during the document scanning process
  • Customize indexing and search criteria to your needs
  • Scan all documents in a non-proprietary format
  • Secure offsite data replication to prevent any disaster
screenshot of the ScView Document Management System for Education

Software Solutions

Our enterprise document management, imaging and workflow solution, specific to education, puts you and your colleagues in touch with the documents you need. Once connected, you can work faster, more accurately, and collaboratively within a few clicks. Our systems are built for ease of use and rapid deployment, letting you quickly create enterprise-wide efficiencies across all departments within your educational institution.

If you already have a document management software, Shoreline will work with your IT department to import your scanned images into your existing system.