Simplify the management of your HR records with our Document Scanning Services

In the world of human resources, the ability to quickly access and share information is vital. When dealing with paper documents, staff loses valuable time searching, printing, copying, and emailing HR information.

By scanning and digitizing HR files, organizations can take advantage of the many benefits of a paperless office.

We Help Organizations of Different Industries Take Control of Their HR Documents

Document Types We Work With:

  • Employee contracts
  • Retirement and pension files
  • Medical/Insurance records
  • Background checks and drug tests
  • Resumes and references
  • Training documents
  • Tax information (I-9’s, W-4’s. 1099’s)
  • Termination documents
  • Expense reports
  • Legal documents
  • And many more…

Why Scan your Organization’s HR Records?

Increased Access

With digital HR documents, you and your staff will have complete access to any specific file with a quick search.

Save Time

Digital documents can be retrieved with a simple search. No longer will you have to sort through filing cabinets to get what you are looking for.

Share Information Efficiently

It is no secret that sharing a digital document is much easier than a hard copy. Using a document management system, simply search and share as easily as sending an email.

Increase Useable Office Space

With no need to store physical documents, filing cabinets can be removed, and storage rooms can be repurposed.