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We have worked with Shoreline Records for several years; they’ve handled both large and small projects for us and all were completed in a timely and professional manner. Tom and his staff communicated throughout the projects, making sure everything was done to our standards.

Mary Beth Cunningham

Carter, DeLuca & Farrell LLP

"I have worked with Shoreline for over 18 years, and they have always been professional, responsive and accurate. Tom and his staff are all very attentive, and quick to respond to their customer's inquires and needs."

Hellman Chica

Penny Imaging Exchange Inc

"What a pleasure to work with! We have been working with them for 12 years. Everything runs smooth, and so easy to access the files they scan for us."

Janice Scutaro

D'Addario & Company Inc.

The Bayville Fire Company #1 was preparing to celebrate its 100th Anniversary. We wanted to scan all our meeting minutes and keep our bound journals intact since those had handwritten notes dating back to our founding as a company. Tom from Shoreline Records Management met with us in person to discuss our document management needs. Now, 100 years of documents are safe and can be easily accessed on the computer. Shoreline has been a strategic partner for our fire company in preserving our history and digitally maintaining our documentation.

Ryan M.T. Roethel

Past President - Bayville Fire Company #1, Bayville, NY

We turn aggravation into assets

Time spent throughout the document lifecycle and getting access to documents when and where you need them is a constant source of aggravation.  At Shoreline, we turn your aggravation into valuable digital assets.  Since 1998, we have offered innovative, cost-effective document management solutions which allow your team to get the information they need, when and where they need it.   Whether you need to capture, secure, deliver, share and ultimately destroy documents and information, Shoreline is here to help with efficient and easy-to-use solutions that allow you to streamline your operations and ease the transfer of data throughout your organization.

Shoreline Records

Shoreline is your trusted Document Management Partner that can help you make sense of your Document needs

Shoreline Records
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Shoreline Records

Satisfied customers

We strive to make sure that our customers are always happy with our services. We like to communicate with our customers, listen to their needs, and elaborate business plans accordingly.

Shoreline Records

Experienced & Trustworthy

We have a team of dedicated and experienced professionals that can help you evaluate your needs and point you towards the right service.

Shoreline Records

Committed to Security & Compliance

We continually train our personnel and test our systems to ensure highest level of confidentiality and security.

Our Mission

For over 25 years, Shoreline has been providing expert document management services to companies in highly regulated industries. We understand that computers and automation did not create a simple, paperless world. In fact, it created a world with more paper in more places. At Shoreline, we fulfill the promise and potential of cloud-based document management. We help companies recapture office space, reduce time and costs spent handling paper across entire organizations, and provide security and peace of mind that documents are safe, secure, and accessible 24/7. At Shoreline, we are committed to the principles of integrity and fair dealing, and, as a result, have decades-long relationships with our customers.

Shoreline Records
Shoreline Records

Serving companies in highly regulated industries across the country

Shoreline Records Management provides full-service Document Management services and systems to companies across the country in almost every industry. From cloud-based document storage, scanning service, medical record custodian services, to physical paper record storage of important documents in our secure document storage facility, Shoreline has the systems and expertise to meet all your document management needs.

Headquartered in NY, our staff is experienced in handing all the tasks needed to make your job as easy as signing the agreement and turning everything else over to us. We can handle the entire process from transportation to storage (paper or digital) to destruction of your records when the time comes. With clients across the country, we can create custom document management solutions to fit every size client regardless of location.

Whether you need Medical Records Scanning, Legal Document Storage, Medical Records Custodian Services, or Document Imaging Solutions, Shoreline can help you save money and provide secure, off-site file storage letting you focus on your business while we manage your information.

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Whether you'd like to get more office space by outsourcing your documents or decide that you'd like to automate your current document workflow, Shoreline is here to help!

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