The challenges of managing physical POD and BOL documents

Paper documents are difficult to manage

In the transportation, logistics, and distribution industries, paper documents such as pick tickets, bills of lading, waybills, packing slips, and proof of delivery tickets are essential. POD completes the transaction and ensures that the package was delivered and received correctly.

POD and BOL documents can affect multiple departments

When dealing with physical POD and BOL documents, multiple problems may arise. The POD is a mission-critical document – without it, the carrier cannot prove that the delivery was made and that the customer signed and accepted it. This can hamper payment processing and reduce overall efficiencies throughout the organization. These inefficiencies affect different departments in your organization – warehouse staff, accounts receivable, and most importantly, the customer.

Access to your POD and BOL documents

Another issue with paper POD and BOL is having efficient access to these documents. If a customer calls and asks about a specific delivery, how long does it take your staff to find their POD record? Do they have to call back at a later time because the document is not easily accessible? These situations can lead to bad customer experiences, leading to negative reviews or loss of business.

Taking advantage of document scanning and document management will put your organization in a position to avoid these mistakes and correct them quickly if an error is made

Consider the Benefits

No need to house physical documents in your office

Access documents quickly to ensure proper customer service

Prevent unnecessary shipments

Prevent issuing credits for mistakes

Get paid faster – satisfied customers tend to pay accurate invoices faster

Satisfied customers will refer business

We offer many options to address the capture of POD and BOL documents, including scan to email, and physical document scanning. Our team of experts will discuss your requirements and work with you to find the right solution for your business.