What Are the Benefits of Document Scanning?

Save Time

Our Document Scanning Services enable you to reduce your time to success significantly. We handle the entire document conversion process from end-to-end, so you don’t have to.

Create Your Paperless Office

Achieving the Paperless Office doesn’t require you to buy expensive equipment or hire teams of people. Our services can help you save money and improve the quality of your document imaging efforts

Fast Retrieval

Sharing documents has never been easier. Access your documents in one single location and view them in less than a minute.

Digitize Your Paper Documents

Located in Long Island, New York, our production Document Digitization Center is equipped to handle Document Scanning projects of all sizes, including:

Backfile Document Scanning Services

For companies looking to process a one-time bulk scanning of Archive Documents

Day-Forward Document Scanning Services

For companies looking to process on-going, sometimes even daily, scanning of critical business documents to support business operations

Our Document Digitization Services in New York

Medical Record Scanning

We work with clinics, medical practices, hospitals, etc., to convert medical charts into digital images. We have experienced integrating the scanned charts with multiple Electronic Medical Records (EMR) platforms.

Human Resources Scanning

We help various industries maintain their important employee documents. For the most efficient way to retrieve them, consider adding a document management solution

Accounts Payable Scanning

Interested in having your invoices scanned? Are you looking to go paperless? As a professional document scanning company, Shoreline will help you scan all of your invoices and demo a workflow solution for you so that you won’t need to use paper again!

Student Records Scanning

Shoreline works with private and public schools to convert their documents into digital images. Whether it’s transcripts or certifications, Shoreline has the experience to help you have the best document management solution

Loan Document Scanning

Scanning loan files is now a crucial part of any lender’s business strategy. Whether loans need to be converted for sale or servicing, our services can help you save money and improve the quality of your results.

Proof of Delivery Scanning

Getting paid by customers is a crucial function for every business. For companies that deliver and provide goods and services, access to PODs is essential. Our services ensure that your collections process is not delayed by incomplete documentation.

What About Pricing? How much do Document Scanning Services cost?

We offer our services on a price-per-image basis. This price is inclusive of all of the functions related to converting your files. Still, pricing is variable based on a number of different factors, including:

  • Volume – The total number of pages, images, or documents that you need to have scanned.
  • Document Preparation Difficulty – How many staples, tears, clips, etc., are in your files determines the Document Preparation Difficulty and ultimately impacts the price.
  • Indexing Criteria – What keywords are required to be manually entered to allow you to find your images?
  • Turnaround Time – How quickly do the services need to be performed?

If you can provide a clear idea of these metrics, we can give you an accurate price per image. We always accept sample jobs so that we can both be more comfortable with the specific requirements of your job.