Streamline Your Finances with Accounts Payable Scanning

All invoices are different.  Accounts Payable processes are most often distributed in nature, require approval on many levels, and generate huge volumes of paper and electronic documents that are difficult to manage effectively.

Nowadays, technology is changing the way AP departments function, and high-speed scanning is driving productivity and efficiency, as well as cost reduction.

AP Solutions

Shoreline’s solutions for Accounts Payable leverage intelligent software and existing vendor information to automate document indexing and trigger an electronic workflow.

In other words, you can skip the manual keying of invoice information and find the documents you need quickly and efficiently. 

Consider The Benefits of Scanning Your Accounts Payable Documents

Reduced invoice sorting and paper handling

Minimize on-site storage requirements

Increased access to your AP documents 

Ability to distribute retrieval of invoices and associated documents to auditors or responsible departments, removing the burden from AP

Improved analysis of accounts payable metrics and document control

Internal faxing and inter-office mailing can be eliminated by the use of email and electronic document routing