Find the Right Solution for your Needs

Shoreline has served the healthcare industry for over 20 years, providing all aspects of medical records management such as medical record scanning, medical document storage, and medical records custodian services. We know that not every practice operates the same, and that’s why we customize our services to address virtually any need.

What is Medical Records Management?

It’s the art and science of managing all information relating to the operation of a healthcare practice. This includes:

  • Filing and storing patient charts
  • Scanning medical records
  • Ensuring adherence to regulations and retention schedules
  • Managing the destruction of medical records after their retention period

Health information management also involves effective administration of a practice’s non-clinical information, including:

  • Accounting records
  • Employee records
  • Contracts
  • Other business-related documentation

Our services are specialized in helping all types of facilities, including Skilled Nursing Facilities, or SNF’s, and Long-Term Residence Care Facilities.