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You've accumulated many file cabinets and boxes of patient charts 


over the years, and now that you've decided to close your practice, due to acquisition or retirement, what happens to the charts? Each state has very specific mandates with regard to storing and releasing those charts to the appropriate parties.

If you or your family are the executors of the estate of a physician who has passed away, you too would be faced with the responsibility of maintaining, storing and releasing charts to patients and authorized requesters!   Do you want to store them in your home? Even if you had the space, what would you do each time a patient or law firm representing a patient in a litigation called to retrieve their chart? How would you track destruction dates and have those charts securely destroyed?

You can choose to put the files in an outside storage facility or public storage, but you would still be responsible to make those files available to patients and authorized requesters when they need them.


Enter Shoreline Records Management and our Medical Records Custodian Service (MRCS). MRCS is an ideal solution for you. We will store your files, securely release the information in an electronic format to the patient or an approved representative, and destroy the physical files when the retention period expires. Give us your files and you'll never have to think about them again.  


Here’s how it works:

  1. Shoreline Records Management will help the practice develop messaging to announce the closing of the practice to the patients. The State Medical Board is also notified, and often an advertisement in a local newspaper is run, announcing the closing of the practice and how to contact the Custodian should you require a copy.
  1. medical records stepsShoreline will provide the appropriate number of boxes to pack the existing paper charts, schedule a time to pack the charts, and remove any that might be in offsite storage.
  1. Shoreline will transport the paper charts to our Operations Center, where a complete manifest of each chart is recorded in a database, capturing the Patient’s Last Name, First Name and Date of Birth. This step is required, so we can quickly and easily locate a requested chart. It also eliminates any misfiled charts.
  1. Shoreline will work with the appropriate IT professional to export any Patient information that is currently stored in an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System.
  1. Once a request is made from a Patient or authorized representative to Shoreline, HIPAA release and Credit Card Authorization forms will be sent to validate the request and secure payment.
  1. The appropriate chart is then retrieved from storage, prepared for scanning, scanned and indexed appropriately. At this time the total page count is determined, and the patient or authorized requestor is notified of the cost.
  2. Once payment has been received, the chart is then sent electronically to the requestor through our secure portal. The chart is password protected, and a follow up email is sent with password information.

Closing your practice has never been easier. Once you've determined the date the office will close, one phone call to Shoreline Records Management and your Patient Chart worries are over.





If you would like an in-depth look about how we can help, please visit our new sister company dedicated only to this service!

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