Consider the Challenges of in-house storage of Aperture Cards

  • Environmental Control: Cards would need to be stored in a secure and safe place so that the cards may be free of damage.
  • Regulated Inventory: Every so often, a member of your company would need to check the inventory to make sure the proper card is in the right box/bin/file drawer. Otherwise, you will never be able to find a card when needed.
  • Space: Depending upon the number of cards, it may require a room to store them or multiple rooms.

Shoreline’s Conversion Services

Our services includes:

  • Manual Indexing of cards
  • Creating Searchable PDFs by utilizing Full-Text OCR
  • Uploading your images into your ECM or providing you with a free demo of our Document Management System (DMS)

Shoreline also provides Document Storage Services at a very low price if you need to store your cards for compliance or backup purposes. Likewise, if you have any files that may need to be scanned, Shoreline can provide you with comprehensive Document Scanned Services.

Explore the benefits of Aperture Card Conversion:

Convert your aperture cards to digital images and increase your business productivity.

Eliminate outdated card readers

Reduce time-consuming retrieval process

Save space by putting up to 15000 aperture cards on a portable drive or a DMS

Convert to searchable PDFs for greater search capabilities

Shoreline helps reduce your amount of labor and increase your business functionality. When you are looking to outsource a project, Shoreline is the best partner you can trust.