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Shoreline provides comprehensive document management solutions for businesses of all sizes across all industries.

Since 1998 Shoreline has helped hospitals, group medical practices, banks, public and private education, manufacturers, not-for-profit organizations, and many more increase efficiency and productivity throughout their offices by converting paper records to electronic images for fast, secure access and retrieval.


Learn more about Document Management through our Resource Center. Find out how Shoreline can help you manage your documents.


Shoreline has 20+ years of experience in the Document Management Industry. Learn who we are and what we do.


New York Document Scanning Services


Serving the New York boroughs and beyond

Shoreline provides a secure, efficient, and reliable answer to your document scanning questions. With over 20 years of experience, Shoreline provides services to Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. We'll work with you to make sure you get the best solution for your documents.

Bulk scanning of documents

For document scanning projects that have a large volume

Day-forward scanning

For projects that require ongoing document conversion

What are the benefits of outsourcing your documents to a document scanning company?

arrow showing business growth
Concentrate on your Business

By outsourcing your documents, you let us do what we do best and concentrate on running your business. Rather than investing your time in document scanning, invest it in driving your business to excellence.

Get immediate access to your files

Are your auditors asking for a specific file and you are on a timeline? By scanning your documents, you'll have immediate access to your files instead of waiting to make copies or scan them one by one.


What happens when someone misplaces a document in the file cabinet? How can you find it? It would not be easy to go through the entire file drawer or boxes. By having an electronic copy of them, you can rest assured that you will always be able to find them

boxes in warehouse
Free up useful space

Have boxes in storage locations? Are your offices filled with cabinets? Outsource your documents and save on rental expenses.

What is Shoreline's Document Scanning process?

How does Document Scanning work?


Step 1: Initial Consultation

One of our account strategists will meet with you to review your needs. Some questions to think of:

  • What would be the timeline for this project?
  • How many boxes would you like to convert? How many file cabinets?
  • Where are your images going to? Do you have a Document Management System in place? Would you like to see a demo of ours?

Step 2: Transportation

Once we reviewed your needs and signed a contract, we'll come on site and pickup your documents. We ask for an inventory of the boxes coming out so that we can keep that on record. Then, we'll pack them and take them back to our Document Scanning bureau located in Long Island, New York

Step 3: Document Preparation

We'll review some of the specifications that we initially agreed on such as:

  • What information would you like to search by? What would be the fields to capture?
  • Would there be a breakdown of different folder types?

We will also remove any staples, post-it notes in order to make the document ready for scanning

Step 4: Document Scanning

During the process of scanning, we will also review the images to ensure the following:

  • No blank pages
  • Proper rotation of the documents
  • No folded pages, etc.

After ensuring the quality of the documents, we'll capture the appropriate fields (ex: ID#, Last Name, etc.) that were previously designated.

Step 5: Integration

If you have a document management system in place, we'll connect with your IT team and script the files so that we can upload them into your system. 

Step 6: Storage/Shredding

If you need to keep the boxes after scanning, we can store them in our warehouse and we'll notify you once the retention period is up. After that, we'll securely destroy the records and provide you with a certificate of destruction.

Our document digitization services in New York

Medical Record Scanning

We work with clinics, medical practices, hospitals, etc., to convert medical charts into digital images. We have experienced integrating the scanned charts with multiple Electronic Medical Records (EMR) platforms.

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Human Resources Scanning

We help various industries maintain their important employee documents. For the most efficient way to retrieve them, consider adding a document management solution

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Account Payable Scanning

Interested in having your invoices scanned? Are you looking to go paperless? As a professional document scanning company, Shoreline will help you scan all of your invoices and demo a workflow solution for you so that you won't need to use paper again!

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Student Records Scanning

Shoreline works with private and public schools to convert their documents into digital images. Whether it's transcripts or certifications, Shoreline has the experience to help you have the best document management solution

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