3 Reasons to Outsource Your Document Scanning Project

As more and more companies implement Document Management Systems to help them deal with their growing paper problems, I wanted to share with you three reasons why you should think twice before jumping headfirst into Document Scanning using your own resources. Three Reasons to carefully consider outsourcing your document imaging requirements to a Professional Document Scanning Company are:

1. Lower Cost – Virtually all practices looking to begin scanning files will start by Purchasing a Document Scanner. The good news is that most of the scanners on the market today are of decent quality and offer most of the same features. Unfortunately, most of the document scanners that companies purchase fall into the Desktop or Workgroup Category, meaning that they can only scan about 1,000 Pages Per Day. If you’re looking to process a significant volume of documents, you will need a High Volume Scanner, which can be significantly more expensive – even upwards of $20,000. In addition to having to buy more expensive equipment to address a significant Backfile Scanning project, you’ll also need to dedicate Labor Resources to Pull Staples, Run the Scanner, and Index all of the scanned images. All of this costs money, and since Document Scanning is not within the core competency for most businesses, it takes more time to get through the process. Using an Professional Document Scanning Company lets you have all of your document scanned for a low price per image meaning that your costs are directly correlated to the number of documents to be converted, not the amount of time that it takes.

2. Improved Turnaround
 – If you believe the old adage that people will make the work fill up the time, then Document Scanning is a sinkhole for employees looking to make the work last. It’s difficult for many companies to judge the performance of a Document Scanning operation, and as a result many projects will take far longer as expected as staff blames the equipment, the quality of the paper, and nearly anything else they can find for the poor turnaround. An Outsourced Document Scanning Company will be responsible for delivering results in a designated timeframe, and it will be in their best interest to turnaround your job as quickly as possible because they don’t get paid by the hour!

3. Improved Quality and Accountability – Like so many things in life, experience makes the difference in the Quality of Document Scanning results. Outsourcing your Document Scanning means that you’ll have a team of professionals to ensure that your work is done correctly and that both image quality and data accuracy are given the attention that they deserve. In the event that there are issues with the completed project and you need something to be corrected, a Professional Document Scanning Company you will also be able to turn to your chosen vendor to help make things right.

Bottom line, think twice before you take on a large Document Scanning Project with your own equipment and resources. It may be more than you bargained for, and you may be able to save a lot of headaches by outsourcing the work to a team of document imaging professionals.