The 3 Best Reasons to Outsource Paper Scanning

Why Outsource Paper Scanning? Three Reasons – Cost, Speed, and Accuracy.

  1. Cost – Outsourcing your document imaging requirements to a professional document scanning company allows you to take advantage of today’s leading edge technology without absorbing the ongoing costs associated with maintaining the system. There are no hardware or software upgrades, specialized personnel or annual maintenance charges to support. 
  2. Speed – Most commercially available paper scanning equipment is in the 25 to 50 Page Per Minute Range. When you outsource your paper scanning, the service provider is likely to make use of scanners that capture pages at speeds in excess of 100 pages per minute. In addition, the document preparation process, which is where most of the time is spent, can be more easily achieved by a staff of dedicated file technicians who focus on accurately sorting and preparing file for scanning.
  3. Accuracy – Perhaps the most important reason to outsource paper scanning projects is to make sure that they’re done correctly. When paper scanning is assigned as a secondary responsibility for someone who already has other things to do, they’re less likely to pay as close attention to it as the probably should. When you outsource paper scanning, you can have the piece of mind of knowing that the team is dedicated to processing files, not answering phones or other daily responsibilities. This helps to make sure that the job gets done right.

Outsourcing paper scanning allows companies to redirect their core resources toward the activities of greater value while still realizing the benefits of document scanning.