Medical Record Scanning gets New Meaning

The team at recently highlighted how a Bronx Healthcare clinic is using a new type of Optical Recognition to retrieve Medical Records, and it’s not quite what you’d think of when you bring up Medical Record Scanning . The clinic – Urban Health Plan – is using Scans of a Patient’s Iris (the unique part of the eye) to accurately locate and match patient records. The article cites many examples of why this technology is so useful, particularly in a clinic that boasts 103 Patients with the name Jose Rodriguez!

As this new, innovative technology begins to replace the old check-in process at this particular clinic, there must also be consideration given to another type of Medical Record Scanning – the physical patient chart. With a flurry of new technology being created, marketed, and sold to Medical Practices across the country, document scanning for the paper-based chart is becoming that much more important. While the CNN article doesn’t “Sight” (Sic) whether or not Urban Health Plans is retrieving a physical paper-based chart or using an Electronic Medical Record System, There is certainly another level of efficiency that can be achieved by having their Iris-Based Scan Technology retrieve an electronic copy of the Patient Chart directly to the point of care.

While Shoreline’s primary focus is on helping practices convert their Paper-Based Charts to Digital Images through Medical Record Scanning, I must applaud Urban Health Plans for their innovative and effective use of emerging technology. As a technologist (and a Healthcare Consumer) I believe that anything that can help reduce errors, eliminate costs, and improve the quality of care is a step in the right direction. Kudos!

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