How much does it cost to store a box of files?

I’ll cut right to the chase on this one – Document Storage in our Secure, Off-Site, Climate Controlled Facility starts at $.30 per Bankers Box (1.2 Cu Ft.) per month and gets cheaper from there. That means that you can store up to 100 boxes for just $1.00 Day and not have to worry about tripping over your files or losing something along the way.

The other day someone told me that they would consider storing their files with us, but that they were going to use a Self-Storage unit instead to help save space. Really?? You would rather have to pack up your own files, bring them to a Storage Unit, stack them In a little room and have to go there every time you need a file?

I was surprised to hear that this client thought that it would actually be more expensive to store their files in our warehouse than in a storage unit, so I did some quick math.

Let’s take a smallish Storage Unit – Five Feet Wide – Five Feet Deep and Eight Feet High – a total of 200 Cubic Feet. If you actually want to be able to move around in there, let’s assume that you can use about 60% of the available space for storage – 120 Cubic Feet – Just enough to store 100 Boxes. And the price? In the New York Area, specifically on Long Island, You can rent one of these units for about $45.00 Per Month.

But you’ll still have to go there and rifle through these boxes every time you need a file, wasting valuable time and energy.

Now, you could send the same 100 Boxes to us, and we’ll store them in our facility for you for $.30 each per month. That’s $30.00 per month, and when you need a file, we’ll do retrieve the file for you and either scan it to you on-demand or deliver it to you the same or next-business day. You’ll be saving 50% on storage alone each month!

Before you make a decision on where to keep your files, take time to speak with one of our Document Storage consultants and see how much it really costs.