Aperture Card Scanning - Convert Aperture Cards to Digital Images

Aperture Card Scanning allows you to convert your Cards to digital images for improved access and retrieval. Shoreline Records Management will use the Hollerith or handwritten data on the card to provide an index resulting in immediate access to valuable data.

Aperture Card Scanning will allow you to:

  • Aperture Card Scanning PriceEliminate outdated Card Readers.
  • Reduce time consuming retrieval processes.
  • Save Space by putting Up to 15,000 Aperture Cards on a single CD.
  • Improve Access - Images can be printed, faxed, or e-mailed directly from the desktop.
  • Multiple users can access Scanned images at the same time over a network.
  • For greater search capabilities and complete document portability, you can convert the Aperture Card images to .PDF format.

Aperture Card Scanning Pricing

Aperture Cards

Every project is different, but our base Aperture Card Scanning price is  $.75 Per Card, including indexing of the Hollerith Data. If you have a high volume of Cards to Convert, your price may be much closer to $.40 per card. Higher Volumes will typically lead to lower pricing as we can offer a significant discount. Please note that due to the nature of job setup and configuration, we do have a $500 Minimum for all Scanning Projects.

How can I get a quote for Aperture Card Scanning?

If you're looking to convert aperture cards into digital images, Contact us today. We will be happy to provide you with a quote based on an estimated number of cards. Just complete the short form on the right of the page and one of our Scanning Consultants will follow up with an estimate. 

For More Information about our Microform (Film/Fiche/Aperture Card) Scanning Services, you can visit our pages about Microfilm Scanning or Microfiche Scanning. Also, be sure to take a closer look at our Paper Scanning Service to help you convert paper to digital images.