AP Automation - AP Scanning and Workflow Solutions

In order to reduce costs and improve profitability, manual and time-consuming processes must be automated and optimized. From satisfying vendor demands to meeting increasingly stringent financial controls, much depends on the success and efficiency of the AP team. Accounts Payable (AP) departments are operating under increasingly strict and fluctuating requirements. Budgets are tight, and expense management is critical to organizational success.

The challenge is, that all Invoices are different. AP processes are most often distributed in nature, require approval on many levels, and generate huge volumes of paper and electronic documents that are difficult to effectively manage.  Technology is changing the way AP departments function. Automation is driving productivity and efficiency, as well as cost reduction.

SRM solutions for Accounts Payable leverage intelligent software and existing vendor information to automate document indexing and trigger an electronic workflow. In other words, you can skip the manual keying of invoice information and find the documents you need easily. And really fast.

The Results of Implementing an Accounts Payable Automation Solution

  • Extend Existing Processes to be More Efficientdocument file invoice
    Automated Accounts Payable workflows remove the paper-based bottlenecks that exist in many companies and systems. Financial Systems are enhanced to provide increased visibility and enhanced collaboration capabilities. Complaints about processing delays are reduced, and the process is auditable at every turn.
  • Do More with Less
    Extend the useful life of your Accounting and ERP solutions. Expedite the processing and payment of invoice documents and promote data sharing. Duplicate data entry and management across multiple disconnected systems are eliminated. AP Staff, managers, Vendors or even third parties can have secure, self-service access to AP documents at any time and from anywhere. At a fraction of the cost, it takes with paper.
  • Process Invoices Faster
    Support the full life-cycle of Accounts Payable from Invoice Receipt through Payment. All stakeholders can have real-time access to critical documents, allowing better, more informed decisions with just a few clicks.

Why Use SRM for Accounts Payable Process Automation?

By automating the capture and centralizing the repository of invoice documents, all required documents can be accessed instantly with a few mouse clicks, providing assurance that a totality of circumstances can be considered when making business decisions.

SRM delivers results. Our proven methodology and understanding of business process ensures user acceptance, and all of our projects are defined by detailed Return on Investment that is typically self-funding within 12-Months.