Why Choose Shoreline Records Management?

When looking for Document Storage, there needs to be careful consideration given to a number of factors. Most importantly, can your Document Storage vendor help you manage your critical business information.

Critical Reasons to Choose Shoreline Records Management for Document Storage:

Customer Service is our Number One Priority

We understand that your information is critical to your business, and we want to be considered as an extension of your own resources. We offer more than just Document Storage, including Document Scanning, Paper Shredding, and Document Management Software.

Shoreline Records Management offers competitive Document Storage Rates

We believe that Document Storage pricing should be fair, and we offer volume discounts, and low-cost Scan on Demand Services to minimize Document Retrieval costs. Often times, we can save clients 25%-30% over other Document Storage Companies.

Document Storage and Document Scanning is our ONLY business

Our company is born out of the Document Management business, and unlike many other companies in the business, it is our singular focus. We don't offer Commercial Moving or Public-Use Storage Space, and this focus enables us to help our clients design and implement effecitve Document Management Strategies.

We understand the Value of Document Management Technology

Shoreline Records Management is always on the Leading edge of Document Management Technology. From Hosted Document Management to detailed Reporting Software to our ability to design sophisticated scanning and retrieval systems, we help keep your business up-to-date with modern, value-driven solutions.

We Value Your Business

Our Document Storage contracts are among the most flexible in the industry because we understand that your information is just that - YOUR information. Shoreline does not impose any restrictions on inventory reductions, Hostage Fees, or Automatic Yearly Roll-Over’s in our agreements.

Regardless of the size and scope of your Document Storage needs, Shoreline Records Management can deliver you the solution you need. Start today by Requesting a Quote for Document Storage and start to experience the difference that Shoreline Records Management can make for your business.