Scan On Demand | Record Scanning Services

It costs approximately $200.00 to scan an average size records carton.

Did you know that you could store the same records carton for Seven Years in our Secure, Climate Controlled Facility for less than $40.00? Yes, that's $40.00 for SEVEN YEARS!

That's a savings of over 80%! And best of all, if and when you need a file, we offer Scan On Demand Services to deliver your information directly to your browser or email inbox!

Today, Access to information is critical to the operation of a successful business, and there are many times when you need access to your information right away.

If you need one of your files and it is in our facility, you can make the request to have the file delivered via scan on demand. This can also be beneficial for companies with multiple locations that have more than one employee who needs access to the same information.

You are billed per transaction for the scanning of individual files and do not pay for scanning large quantities of records at one time.

Lower your Costs for Retrieval and Delivery - The average physical file delivery is approximately $50.00. With Scan On Demand, you can have faster access to your information and save up to 75% over traditional delivery methods.