Paperless Office | Creating the Paperless Office - One File at a Time

Shoreline Records Management offers technology and services to help you achieve your own version of the paperless office by helping to reduce your businesses reliance on Paper. Whether you want to outsource the job or do the heavy lifting yourself, our team of experts can help you to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and go paperless with ease. 

Taking advantage of Shoreline's outsourced document scanning and offsite file storage services may be one of the best steps that your business can take in the pursuit of the paperless office.

Paperless Office Services - Document Scanning and Document Storage

We offer scanning services to help you convert your paper documents to digital images in either TIF or PDF Format, making them easily accessible from the desktop. In addition to improving access, our document scanning services will also help to reduce your file storage costs by eliminating costly file cabinets and giving you back your valuable office space for more productive uses.

If your vision of the Paperless Office is really more of an Office with Less Paper, however, we also offer Offsite Document Storage Services to help your business reduce the clutter by sending paper files to our secure, climate controlled storage warehouse. Either way, we can help you get closer to going Paperless. 

Paperless Office Solutions - Document Management Software and Workflow

If you'd like to take a more proactive approach to starting your Paperless Office, Shoreline offers solutions to help your business scan and store documents quickly and easily. In addition, our Business Process Experts can help you to create Workflow Solutions to route documents throughout the organization to improve efficiency. To help us deliver Paperless Office Solutions, we offer OnBase by Hyland Software, PaperVision Enterprise, and ImageSilo, each of which has a specific strength in helping your business reduce the dependency on paper files. 

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