Proof of Delivery Scanning Services - Outsourced Scanning for POD and Bill of Lading Documents to help your company get paid faster.

Proof of Delivery Scanning ServicesGetting paid by customers is a crucial function for every business. For those companies that deliver and provide goods and services, access to Proof of Delivery and Bill of Lading Documents is often essential to ensure timely payments by clients. Our Proof Of Delivery and Bill of Lading Scanning Services help to ensure that your Collections process is not delayed by missing or incomplete documentation.

In the transportation, logistics and distribution industries, paper documents such as pick tickets, bills of lading and proof of delivery (POD) are essential. These forms exist for each delivery that a carrier company makes. The POD is a mission critical document - without it, the carrier cannot prove that the delivery was made and that someone signed and accepted it. This can hamper payment processing, and reduce overall efficiencies throughout the organization.We offer a completely outsource service to address the challenges of storing and retrieving POD (Proof of Delivery) and BOL (Bill of Lading) files, along with detailed exception reporting to allow you to identify potential issues before they arise. 

If you want to start to improve your collections and realize reduced Daily Sales Outstanding (DSO), we can help. Contact our Solution Consultants today to discuss your specific requirements and we'll be happy to customize our services to meet your needs. We offer many options to address the capture of POD and Bill of Lading documents including Fax, Scan to Email, and Physical Document Scanning. Our team of experts will discuss your requirements and work with you to find the right solution for your business.