Mortgage Loan Scanning - Outsourced Loan File Scanning


Scanning Mortgage Loan Files is now a crucial part of many lender's business strategy. Whether Loans need to be converted for sale or servicing, our outsourced services can help you save money and improve the quality of your results.

We have over Fifteen Years of Experience with Imaging Mortgage Loans, and we understand the delicate nature of the Home Loan business. Our staff is under strict Confidentiality Agreements, and we've worked with hundreds of clients to improve their operations by relying on our team of experts to focus on loan scanning while they focused on closing more business.

We offer comprehensive Mortgage Scanning Services including:

  • Bulk Mortgage Scanning - For Companies that are Scanning their loans for Sale on the Secondary Market, we can scan loan files to one, single PDF File. This process will enable quick turnaround and guaranteed quality while accelerating your time to cash.
  • Detailed Loan Scanning - Our team can segment and prepare loan documents for scanning by identifying critical pieces of information from Mortgage Loans. Typically, we will go through each loan file and identify crucial documents like the note, deed, title, survey, HUD, and any other specific document types that you may need. This option can significantly improve servicing, and also provide assurances for Post-Close Audit to ensure that all documents are present withing the Loan File.
  • Trailing Document Scanning - Mortgage Loans are not complete until all of the documents are in the file. We offer services to scan and process Trailing Documents as they are recieved and ensure that they are incorporated into the loan package. 

If you're ready to experience the peace of mind that comes with having a professional document scanning company handle your Loan File Scanning, contact one of our solutions consultants today to discuss your needs. We'll review the volume of loans that you need scanned, the frequency at which scanning services would make sense for your business, and develop a customized Service Plan just for you.