On-Site Document Scanning Services - We'll Bring our Scanning Services to you!

On-Site Document Scanning ServicesThere are so many reasons that companies choose to outsource their document scanning, but sometimes the files simply can't leave their location. Whether this is due to security concerns, access requirements, or any number of other reasons, our services can be moved onto your premises to help address your needs.

While there are certainly economies of scale involved there are off-site document scanning service operation, for some projects the idea of sending files to our facility is simply not an option. In those instances, we can bring our equipment, processes, and personnel to your site to help you convert your documents to digital images. On-site document scanning services are typically 25 to 50% more expensive than off-site scanning might be, but our experience and expertise ensures the same level of quality regardless of where the project is done.

If you're staring at an overwhelming amount of paper, and sending the files offsite is not possible, contact our team to coordinate a plan for your on-site scanning project. Whether the project is on-site or off-site, we always base our pricing on a flat cost-per-image, so the responsibility is ours to get the job done right, and quality is always our most important priority.

If you have any questions, contact us to discuss your specific needs.