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Microfiche Conversion unlocks Legacy Information

Posted by Michael Thomas on Mon, Apr 19, 2010 @ 04:21 PM

Is your organization still accessing and retrieving data stored on microfiche? Are you still paying to maintain and service the old, outdated microfiche reader? If so, there is a better way.

Microfiche is a legacy document format used throughout much of the 20th century as an effective method of archiving information. Typically microfiche are 4 x 6 index cards like documents containing cut up little pieces of microfilm which has been arranged into rows and neatly fit on a card. These documents are typically referred to as jacketed microfiche. For a long time microfiche was a convenient alternative to microfilm because it provided a convenient method of arranging documents.

Old Microfiche ReaderMicrofiche does not images on in a roll, or linear, format but instead in a card-based index that groups like documents together. There is also another type of microfiche referred to as com fiche. COM is an acronym for computer output to microfiche, and typically contains green bar like print statements from mainframe computers.

You can eliminate the old microfiche reader and improve information access by converting your old microfiche data to digital images using our outsourced microfiche conversion services. For a low price per image our services will allow you have all of your old microfiche cards converted to images that can be shared and accessed via any networked PC. We use a combination of leading-edge microfiche scanners and advanced image enhancement technology to produce images that often exceed the quality of the source material.

Once converted to digital images and data that was previously stored in microfiche becomes universally accessible, searchable, and overall more useful to the organization retrieval times that today may be counted within minutes or even hours can be reduced to seconds and space used to store the microfiche can be reallocated to more productive uses.

From a day-to-day perspective images from microfiche that have been converted to digital can be sent to PDF files or TIF images depending on your preference. These images can then be OCR to allow for search within the text or can be indexed based on the data on the header of the card itself. These images along with the metadata can be uploaded to a website or into an internal document management system for easy search and retrieval reducing the amount of time required to find information and improving the overall operating efficiency of your organization.

Pricing for microfiche conversion can vary wildly. With Shoreline, we providing easy-to-understand pricing metric you pay a simple price per page based on the volume of fiche that you looking to convert and index fields required. Depending on the volume and whether or not you have jacketed or COM fiche, the typical price per image is between $.03 and $.06.

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