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Document Management Innovations - Classification Technology Update

Posted by Michael Thomas on Thu, Apr 15, 2010 @ 11:31 AM

There's a fantastic post on Gary Rylander's Compliance Guy Blog today about new innovations and success rates regarding Automated Document Classification Technology. While this information doesn't interest many in the Records and Document Management Space, it's extremely interesting from a technology perspective.

The story features a terrific comparison between Human Document Review, and that of the Machines, and the results are very interesting. When reviewing, keep in mind that Intelligent Document Classification requires that content exist in a digital Format, meaning that Paper Documents need to be OCR'd in order to benefit from these technologies. 

From a Solutions perspective, we continue to keep our ear to the ground on these trends. Companies like IBM and one of our Partners, Attensity, offer great solutions to Document Classification challenges, but they're all driven by a very precise ROI making them inaccessible for many firms. 

What really gets me interested in this, however, is the impact of these tools on projects like those that Google are undertaking with Google Books, and the value that they have as we continue to march toward the Semantic Web. I believe that  where all of this advanced AI technology will be prove it's value at the consumer and mid-market levels.

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