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Records Management - Make a Rainbow in Your File Cabinets

Posted by Michael Thomas on Mon, Mar 22, 2010 @ 02:01 PM

Rainbow Files

DID YOU KNOW??? The magic world of OZ was named after the alphabetical letters O - Z on the bottom drawer of author L. Frank Baum's file cabinet?! 

Well, your files likely aren't in Kansas, but sometimes, a little color can really brighten up a records management strategy. When planning ahead for next year’s file management, consider using colorful file folders. By using colorful folders, or even just different colored folder tabs, it becomes easy to visually identify older, outdated files that can be destroyed or moved to storage. If you choose to use a different color for each year of your seven year retention cycle, it becomes very simple to go through and archive legacy files. 

If you're creative enough to grab the whole rainbow, you could go all Pink Floyd and synchronize your filing work while watching the Wizard of Oz... 

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