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Need Temporary Scanning Help? Why it's better to Outsource.

Posted by Michael Thomas on Thu, Mar 11, 2010 @ 03:56 PM


If you've started the process of scanning documents and files and you're feeling like it may be an impossible task, you're not alone. Countless companies have gone down the road of using their own, existing personnel to help scan paper documents to digital images, only to realize that the task is more cumbersome than initially anticipated. The first place to turn is often to think that you need to employ temporary scanning help, but often outsourced file scanning is an even better option.

Temporary Scanning Help -If you choose to employ temporary scanning help, you're subjected to paying an hourly rate that may or may not be tied to performance. It will be in the best interest of your scanning temp to take as long as possible to scan your files, which may be the complete opposite of what you need from a business perspective.

Outsourced Scanning Service - When you use an outsourced scanning service, you will be contracting for a price per image, not a price per hour. This put the responsibility on the outsourced scanning service provider to capture your documents more quickly. The result is improved turnaround and faster access, which means more value from your scanning investment.

Temporary Scanning Help -Temporary Scanning Help is not accountable for their work. If your scanning temp doesn't do a quality job and ensure that your content is captured accurately, you won't be able to find your files when you need them later on. Even worse, that scanning temp has already moved on, and is no longer available to correct their mistakes.

Outsourced Scanning Service - Outsourced Scanning Services will enable you to leverage  the benefit of experience and process control, ensuring quality right from the start. In addition, if there are issues with the quality of the scanning work, you'll be able to contact the outsourced scanning partner to help provide resolution because they will want to ensure positive customer relationships.

There are no magic wands when it comes to scanning paper documents to digital images. It takes focus and attention to detail to ensure that a user will retrieve a meaningful image when they make a request or query. In the end, it is usually best to trust this responsibility to a team of trained professionals than a group of temporary scanning resources.


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