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Shoreline provides comprehensive document management solutions for businesses of all sizes across all industries.

Since 1998 Shoreline has helped hospitals, group medical practices, banks, public and private education, manufacturers, not-for-profit organizations, and many more increase efficiency and productivity throughout their offices by converting paper records to electronic images for fast, secure access and retrieval.


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Choosing the Best Box for your Docs

When Storing Business Records, pay attention to the type of Storage Box that you're using. There are many options available, but ideally, Documents should be stored in Easy-To-assemble, Double-Walled Storage boxes.

There's nothing quite as frustrating as watching a box of documents fall apart and then having to re-file and sort all of the contents, and a little bit of care in selecting the best record storage container can really go along way. Paige Miracle Box

I'm partial to the Paige Company's Miracle Boxes (Which we sell at Shoreline), but there are others equally effective storage boxes out there.

Even more important, these boxes are typically less expensive than the standard, single-walled boxes you may get from office supply stores, and will stand the test of time. There's nothing that undermines an effective Records Management Strategy as quickly as using inferior boxes and having them fall apart while in storage or transport, so be sure to take the time and get this right.

UPDATE: For the sake of clarity, I wanted to also add that the Paige Miracle Box offers Double-Walled Construction and is built to stand the test of time. As a Records Management Company, I would strongly recommend the Paige Miracle Box Number 15 for anyone that's looking for or in need of Record Storage Boxes. You'll save yourself from a lot of headaches, not to mention backaches!

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