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How are you protecting your Business Records?

Posted by Tom Doyle on Thu, Mar 04, 2010 @ 02:59 PM

It's 2010!!How important is your iphone, PDA, Laptop and cell phone to your ability to get your daily business done?  With each instant message, email, processed order and invoice, the importance of managing, archiving, storing and securing business information grows. The theory of the paperless office, while relatively attainable, is not practical or realistic. You receive a contract via email. It requires safekeeping and security. What do you and the six other people cc'd on the email do? Print it! Fast forward a year or five or ten. How many types of documents, paper or electronic have you created? Well, you don't have to be a public company or a 100 attorney law firm to have a real problem.  What to do and how to manage the lifecycle of your business information.

Today, depending on the industry you are in and who governs that industry, you are responsible, in fact liable and at risk if you don't protect that information or be able to produce it at a moment's notice. And, according to a recent survey by Cohasset Associates in conjunction with ARMA - The Association of Records Management Advisors, "while many organizations are moving in the right direction, research clearly indicates that for an alarming number, the efficient and systematic control over business records is still not getting done."

Why? Because it's an afterthought. Like insurance in many instances, people should have it and they know it, but they wait until it's too late or have a catastrophic event to realize it.

It doesn't have to and shouldn't come to that. Instead of boxing up your documents and putting them in a garage or a self-storage shed, or worse, your hallways, conference rooms and closets, exposed to all kinds of danger, both environmental and human, consider this - secure, climate controlled, off-site Record Storage.  For as little as .25 cents per box per month, your mind can rest easy knowing that your corporate business history is secure and retrievable at a moment's notice.

 In addition, many service providers offer additional value added services, such as scan on demand, whereby requests for documents are made by secure web portal, requested files are retrieved, scanned and securely sent to the requestor for a fraction of the cost of moving the file manually. Law firms, Health Care providers, Insurance companies, virtually any industry is a prime candidate for this undervalued, necessary function.

As a certified Record Storage partner who combines off-site document storage with Enterprise Document Management and Outsourced Scanning services, Shoreline Records Management also provides Records Management consulting services to create policies and procedures that manage the creation, lifecycle and destruction of your corporate information.

Today, every industry is regulated, and as a result of that regulation, audit control and compliance surrounding business transactions warrant the expertise of a professional Records Management company. Don't continue to waste time and money while exposing a serious risk to your business.   

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